Express yourself with sharing images, videos or chess games on your wall.
Integrated instant messaging features can be used.

Wild Chess

Chess variants are supported like Crazyhouse, Three Check and Fischer Chess. Thematic chess is also supported.


You can play chess for lifetime without paying... Improve your rating with chess tactics and lessons

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 Multiple Platforms

  • Players can play via mobile, Facebook application or using software.
    XFCC Protocol is supported; users can connect with chess tools likes SCID, XecTool etc.
  • Android users can connect with application "Your Move".
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 Complete Chess Experience

  • Attend Thematic and Marathon tournaments. Time controls and pairing systems are configurable. We support Round-Robin and Swiss Pairing Systems.
  • You can build your team on the site. Teams have their own ratings. Teams that are eligible for the league compete every chess season.
  • Detailed statics are maintained by the system. A player has five ratings; Blitz, Standard, Wild, Tactics Rating and Monthly Performance …
  • Matches are rated using ELO rating system.

 Some other features…

  • Players are pinned on map so that you can view the players around.
  • Premove is supported on blitz games.
  • Vacation system is available for correspondence games.
  • Two clocks can be activated on correspondence games; one for the game other is for the move.
  • Timeseal is a utility which allows the server to account for the effects of lag.
  • People who do well in site awarded and premium membership and medals like Merit, Success and Honor etc.
  • If you are chess lecturer you can give chess lessons to multiple users. Also premium users benefit from the lessons on the site. We offer chess tactics for players to improve their chess ability.
  • Players may download games in PGN format.

 We got you covered.

    Site is available wherever the Internet is. You can start playing with registering; even the site features can be used by using a Guest account. Guest users cannot make rated games and some features are disabled automatically.

    Address of our facebook app is

    No fees for playing.
    The premium membership is free for players who have Grandmaster, International Master or FIDE master title.
    Play with your friends, partners of choice - everybody that is just as enthusiastic about chess as you are.
    We are looking forward to seeing you!

    Be part of a great community.
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